Bitcoin 6/21/2019

6월 21일 비트코인 시세

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6/21/2019 시세 전시간대 대비 전일 대비
High $10,806.09 $1,041.89
Low $9,826.82 $551.87
Move $979.27 $490.02
05 $9,826.82 $62.62 $551.87
08 $9,832.89 $6.07 $461.60
11 $9,911.32 $78.43 $557.60
14 $9,933.71 $22.39 $356.53
17 $10,156.70 $222.99 $605.79
20 $10,806.09 $649.39 $1,075.36
23 $10,741.95 -$64.14 $977.75

$15,000 Per Bitcoin Seems Possible Before End Of Summer, Here’s Why [zycrypto]

A simple way to predict the future is to know the past, compare it with what’s happening now and create a simple model which you can use to know which direction faces forward. 2017 was a great year for the crypto verse. The price run of the number one cryptocurrency was quite spectacular.

Craig Wright Is Satoshi Nakamoto (At Least Among the Council of Bogota) [cryptopatato]

Craig Wright, who was introduced to the Council as Satoshi Nakamoto, elaborated on how the objective of Bitcoin was to become a government-compliant payment tool and not to promote “anonymous systems, anarchy or destroying the government.”

Libra v/s US Regulators – Will Facebook Really Halt Libra Coin Development? [coingape]

While regulatory criticism is on high buzz, other reports highlight that Facebook is in talks with a big US bank to let it handle the governing body for Libra development. Nevertheless, the report adds a unanimous person and accordingly the person deny adding the name of banks which Facebook is currently in talks.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Developers Schedule Hard Fork for September 17 [cryptovest]

ETC, however, shows a sinking trend against BTC, moving to new lows despite the stable dollar price. In the past, ETC has peaked at above 0.008 BTC, and now sinks down to 0.0009 BTC. “Altcoin season” has not arrived for ETC, as the recent BTC rally left most altcoins behind. But the looming hard fork and exposure may serve to reawaken the asset.

Is Ripple Strong Enough to Compete Against Facebook’s Libra? [coinspeaker]

What will hold Facebook back from expanding into on-boarding far-flung banks around the world? Analysts and investors now wonder what advantages Ripple hold over Facebook that will guarantee a peaceful coexistence. Maybe Garlinghouse should be concerned about how the entry of Facebook’s Libra will affect his xCurrent software’s performance.

페이스북 리브라, 블록체인 업계에 무임승차 혜택 줄 것

이 글에서 먼저 리브라에 대한 정말 간단한 소개 이후, 문답형식으로 리브라에 대한 기본적인 설명을 하고, 추가로 필자의 생각을 적어보고자 한다. 리브라는 이제 막 테스트와 피드백을 주 목적으로 하는 프로토타입 수준의 테스트넷을 공개했기에 이 글의 내용은 시간이 지나면 사실과 달라질 수 있음을 미리 알려둔다.

FATF규제 권고안 앞두고 업계 ‘긴장’..쟁점은 [blockmedia]

FATF는 16일부터 21일까지 현 의장국가인 미국 올란드에서 총회를 열고, 21일(현지시간) 암호화폐 관련 권고안을 공개할 예정이다. FATF 규제 가운데 암호화폐 관련 권고안은 제 15장이다. 암호화 자산을 재산 및 수익 등과 같은 개념으로 간주하고, ‘금융회사’에 준하는 기준을 가상자산 취급업소(암호화폐 거래소 등)에 적용하겠다는 것이 주요 골자다.

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