Bitcoin 6/24/2019

6월 24일 비트코인 시세

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6/24/2019 시세 전시간대 대비 전일 대비 전주 대비
High $11,324.14 $198.75 $612.06 $2,155.88
Low $10,883.76 -$178.48 -$151.93 $1,615.06
Move $440.38 $377.23 $763.99 $540.82
05 $10,910.83 $198.75 $239.77 $1,626.69
08 $10,950.52 $39.69 $222.11 $1,746.20
11 $11,062.24 $111.72 $344.13 $1,802.57
14 $10,883.76 -$178.48 -$151.93 $1,615.06
17 $11,076.04 $192.28 $270.76 $1,729.80
20 $11,157.92 $81.88 $505.05 $1,894.23
23 $11,324.14 $166.22 $612.06 $2,155.88

Crypto Week #25 Overview The COIN360 Editorial Team [COIN360]

3. Facebook’s Digital Wallet May Not Be Available in India, Facebook’s Biggest Market
4. Chairwoman of the U.S. Committee on Financial Services Calls for Halt on Development of Libra
5. France and Russia Take Different Stances Regarding the Legality of Libra and Other Cryptocurrencies
6. Bitcoin Hash Rate Reaches All-Time High
8. Brazilian Exchange Operators Will Have to Inform Authorities About User Transactions

프랑스 최초 블록체인 토큰화 통해 고급 주택 매매 [blockmedia]

또한 비인크립토는 프랑스의 경우 이번 매매가 처음이지만 2018년 10월 미국 뉴욕 맨해튼의 고급 아파트가 3000만달러(약 350억원)에 팔리기도 했다면서, 이러한 부동산 거래를 위해 최근 이더리움 블록체인에 관심이 높아지고 있다고 덧붙였다.

Trump economist thinks Facebook’s Libra crypto is ‘a good thing’ [COIN360]

Moore told Yahoo Finance on Monday that Libra is “interesting,” because it represents “a new challenge for central bankers that they now have competition from private currencies.”

4 Signs Investors are Still Bullish on Cryptocurrency Firms [nulltx]

With all of this fresh capital injected into blockchain and cryptocurrency firms, it will be interesting to see who can deliver and who will fall off the proverbial cliff. It is good to see none of these companies opt for the rather shady ICO, STO, or IEO token model as a way to raise funds. Dealing with regular investors and seed funding is a lot more complicated, but it also helps legitimize these companies in the process.

Ripple-Partner SendFriend Opens Cross-Border Payment Platform, Taking Aim at an $11 Billion Market [bitcoinexchangeguide]

This solution makes cross-border payments more than 65% cheaper than the traditional systems because all bank charges and other fees that are required for money to move from one country to another are completely eliminated. This is a big plus for SendFriend and also for Ripple as the latter seeks to expand its network of user partners.

비트코인, 15개월만에 1만불 돌파…상승 이끈 3가지 요인은? [blockinpress]

이와 함께 시장 전문가들은 최근 미 연방공개시장위원회(FOMC)에서 금리인하 신호를 보인 것에 주목했다. 비트코인 전문 매체 비트코이니스트의 줄리오 애널리스트는 “연준은 빠르면 오는 7월 금리인하를 단행할 것”이라며 “이는 달러 약세를 이끌어 금과 비트코인 같은 자산의 가격 상승을 유도할 것”이라고 분석했다. 실제 연준의 금리인하 움직임이 포착된 지난 20일 이후 나흘간 비트코인의 가격 상승률은 17.75%에 달한다.

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