Bitcoin 6/28/2019

6월 28일 비트코인 시세

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6/28/2019 시세 전시간대 대비 전일 대비 전주 대비
High $12,263.72 $665.30 $1,719.06 $2,330.01
Low $11,396.62 -$705.23 -$317.41 $654.67
Move $867.10 $1,370.53 $2,036.47 $1,675.34
05 $11,868.05 $665.30 -$317.41 $2,041.23
08 $11,785.81 -$82.24 $28.43 $1,952.92
11 $11,845.10 $59.29 $1,116.55 $1,933.78
14 $12,263.72 $418.62 $1,719.06 $2,330.01
17 $12,262.25 -$1.47 $1,172.40 $2,105.55
20 $11,557.02 -$705.23 $588.98 $750.93
23 $11,396.62 -$160.40 $193.87 $654.67

카카오페이·토스도 자금세탁방지 의무…덩치만큼 책임도 커져 [coindeskkorea]

카카오페이나 토스 같은 전자금융업자도 앞으로 은행이나 저축은행처럼 자금세탁 방지 의무를 지게 된다. 이런 핀테크 사업자들이 송금과 결제 시장에서 파이를 키우면서 끌어모은 선불충전금이 수백억원~천억원대를 넘나들며 웬만한 저축은행 예적금 규모로 불어난 데 따른 것이다. 금융당국은 또 자금세탁 방지를 위한 고액 현금거래 보고 기준을 2천만원에서 1천만원으로 낮춰서 강화하기로 했다.

Goldman Sachs ‘Looking at Potential’ of Creating Virtual Currency, CEO Reveals [cointelegraph]


David Solomon said he believes global payment systems are heading in the direction ofstablecoins — cryptocurrencies pegged to fiat assets such as the U.S. dollar. Although he stopped short of confirming whether Goldman Sachs has had discussions withFacebook about its upcoming libra cryptocurrency and Calibra wallet, Solomon said his corporation finds the concept “interesting.”

How Low Could Bitcoin Go? Will BTC Price Touch As Far As $7,500 USD After Testing $14,000 [bitcoinexchangeguide]

The market was euphoric as crypto king shot up above first $12k then $13k on the same day then within minutes we were off to smash through another level. Though altcoins were somewhere behind, Bitcoin was rising at a speed that would have gotten us at a new all-time high within this week itself.

Netflix-On-The-Blockchain Project Abandons Crypto Aspirations Following ICO [ethnews]

TaTaTu’s initial coin offering (ICO) was among the biggest of 2018, with film producer Andrea Iervolino raising money from royals like Lady Monika Bacardi, of the famous liquor family. Before this raise, Iervolino was best known for films such as “Bernie The Dolphin” and “Finding Steve McQueen.”

Dow Edges Higher While G20 Leaders Mull Sweeping Crypto Rules []

The world’s biggest economies will reportedly discuss uniform cryptocurrency regulations while the Dow watches on from a distance.

However, the escalating trade war rhetoric has softened a bit in recent days ahead of the G20 Summit. There’s now growing optimism that the United States and China will reach some sort of agreement that’ll stem a global stock market crash.

58 Percent of Americans Know About Bitcoin: Coinbase Research []

To celebrate the upcoming Independence Day, Coinbase, the leading US exchange, has presented its recent research entitled ‘The United States of Crypto.’ The company’s findings show that crypto is gradually becoming an integral part of Americans with 58 percent of them knowing about Bitcoin.

[기자수첩] 블록체인에서 기회 찾는 미국 IT 시장, 그 이유를 만나다 [blockinpress]

2019년 6월 방문한 미국 샌프란시스코는 코인 투자 열풍을 지나 규제를 목도한 한국과 사뭇 다른 분위기였다. 대학부터 스타트업, 벤처캐피털과 IT 대기업도 블록체인에서 기회를 포착하기 위해 노력하는 모습이었다. 지난 26일부터 이틀간 열린 ‘비트코인2019’에선 마이크로소프트 프로덕트 매니저가 연단에 오르기도 했다. 현지 업계 관계자는 “여전히 블록체인이라는 단어에 엮이는 게 조심스러워서 전면에 내세우진 않는다”면서도 “데이터, 인공지능 기술과 엮어 사업 기회를 모색하는 분위기”라고 설명했다.

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