Bitcoin 6/30/2019

6월 30일 비트코인

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6/30/2019 시세 전시간대 대비 전일 대비 전주 대비
High $11,527.16 $313.21 -$487.23 $856.10
Low $10,698.34 -$699.22 -$1,273.13 -$106.94
Move $828.82 $1,012.43 $785.90 $963.04
05 $11,527.16 -$435.49 -$487.23 $856.10
08 $11,173.56 -$353.60 -$755.84 $445.15
11 $11,282.17 $108.61 -$626.70 $564.06
14 $11,397.56 $115.39 -$717.24 $361.87
17 $10,698.34 -$699.22 -$1,273.13 -$106.94
20 $11,011.55 $313.21 -$1,121.78 $358.68
23 $10,971.13 -$40.42 -$991.52 $259.05



On the Bitcoin 4hour chart we can begin to see a descending channel forming. This is not yet confirmed as there’s only 2 out of 3 needed points of contact from candlesticks to my predicted channel support and resistance. Descending volume would align nicely with a pull-back to $9,000 region around the 200EMA confirming the descending channel.

Bitcoin Must Break Above $12,444 Or Else Price Breakdown May Occur, Claims Prominent Analyst [newsbtc]

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading down nearly 8% at its current price of $10,960, which is down significantly from its daily highs of $12,200 that were set yesterday. While looking at Bitcoin’s weekly price action, it is clear that BTC is once again nearing a region of historical support that must hold, as it previously found strong buying pressure in the low-$10,000 region.

삼성리서치 “기업·개인 블록체인 활성화? ‘데이터 프라이버시’ 중요” [blockinpress]

28일 서울 서대문구 한빛미디어 리더스홀에서 열린 ‘데브그라운드 2019’에서 삼성리서치 박지훈 시큐리티팀 개발자는 “블록체인의 검열 저항성 측면에서 보면 데이터 프라이버시는 매우 중요한 부분”이라며 “데이터 프라이버시가 없으면 기업이나 사용자 입장에서 블록체인을 도입하거나 쓸 수 없게 된다”고 말했다.

리브라·클레이튼·헤데라…‘탑 플레이어’로 노드 집단 꾸린다 [decenter]

지난 18일(현지시간) 페이스북이 암호화폐 프로젝트 ‘리브라(Libra)’ 백서를 공개했을 때 단연 화제가 된 것은 리브라 블록체인 플랫폼의 노드(참여자)들이다. 리브라는 비자, 마스터카드, 페이팔 등 세계적인 금융결제기업은 물론 우버, 이베이 등 글로벌 대기업까지 ‘리브라 협회’의 노드로 끌어들였다. 페이스북은 백서에서 리브라가 폭넓게 이용되게끔 하기 위해 지역별, 사업 분야별로 다양한 구성원과 협업하기로 했다고 밝혔다.

Top-10 Industries Being Transformed by Blockchain [cointelegraph]

After struggling to receive recognition of legitimacy within the mainstream zeitgeist during its sophomoric years, distributed ledger technology (DLT) now comprises the driving force behind a new wave of technological creative destruction. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the industries and processes that are most dramatically undergoing a transformation in response to the advent of blockchain technology.

Bridging the Gap Between Bitcoin and Global Regulators [coindesk]

However, Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency has changed the landscape, ensuring a massive number of debates on regulation are likely ahead. To be sure, these debates will be about the size of companies specializing in internet technologies more than they are about technology architecture.

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