Bitcoin 7/14/2019

7월 14일 비트코인

Tom Lee Thanks Trump for Attacking Crypto, Predicts Bitcoin’s Price Will Hit $40,000 [cryptoglobe]

He concluded his attack by reminding the world that the U.S .dollar is “by far the most dominant currency anywhere in the World,” in addition to being stronger than ever relative to foreign exchange. Crypto pundits were quick to jump onboard Trump’s ranting. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, called the attention an indication of cryptocurrency’s growing platform,

Weekly Digest: Bitcoin Price, Facebook, 3D Representations Of The Blockchain [thebitcoinnews]


Whilst some may be disappointed that BTC price is finishing the week pretty much where it started, another week of consolidation is certainly not a bad thing. Following this, Bitcoin price continued in a roughly sideways trajectory to close out the week in the $11k region that it started in. However, Fundstrat’s Tom Lee believes it will be third time lucky next time BTC price tries to break $13,400.

Crypto-Market Top Weekly Performers: Bitcoin, Monero, Binance Coin, Stellar, ChainLink [coingape]

Cryptocurrency markets witnessed another exciting week as the Bitcoin [BTC] began the week with a robust bullish action, but failed to yield. Furthermore, the altcoin ‘hodlers‘ suffered massive losses to the tune of more than 20%.

‘7월은 블록체인 대중화의 달’… 서비스 출시 ‘봇물’ [blockpost]


특히 국내 주요 대기업들이 블록체인 서비스 확산에 적극적으로 나서고 있어 주목된다. 삼성전자는 갤럭시S10의 블록체인 월렛에서 바로 이용할 수 있는 블록체인 서비스를 대폭 확대했으며, 카카오는 블록체인 플랫폼 ‘클레이튼’을 본격 가동하며 블록체인 서비스 출시를 독려하고 있다.
14일 관련업계에 따르면 7월에만 신규 블록체인 서비스들이 10여종 이상 출시될 예정이다. 이달 들어 쏟아지기 시작한 블록체인 서비스들은 블록체인 기술이 실제 생활에서 활용되는 촉매가 될 것으로 기대된다.

Analyst: Bitcoin Could Hit $9,000 Should Bearish Breakdown Occur; Here’s Why [newsbtc]

“$BTC Daily perspective: Really want price to stay & close above $10,900s to maintain hope. Any break & close below $10,577 would signal a change in trend short term & I’d be looking at low $9ks as the next target on the daily. Still bull market IMO (would only be a pullback),” he said.

Congressional leaders have drafted a bill that would ban Big Tech from launching a digital asset [theblockcrypto]

According to the draft, any technology company with annual global revenue of more than $25 billion and predominately engaged in the business of offering online public marketplaces, exchanges, or platforms for connecting third parties would fall under the prohibition. These companies would be subject to a daily $1 million fine for violating either subsection of the bill.

“We Do Not Allow Transactions Involving Cryptocurrency” – Wells Fargo [zycrypto]

Apparently, there is still some delay with cryptocurrency adoption among traditional institutions as a lot is still unclear. Arthur Hayes, CEO of Bitmex, recently expressed that cryptocurrency has the power to relegate traditional banking systems and make them obsolete. If the traditional banks already feel like this, then it might make sense that they aren’t exactly willing to load an enemy’s gun with bullets.

Wiki’s Co-Founder Larry Sanger on Internet, Blockchain and Knowledge [cointelegraph]


“The thing that drives me forward is all of the possibilities that the internet makes possible for organizing people to create a new knowledge resources. Just think of how the Oxford English Dictionary was createdL When I read “The Professor and the Mad Man,” I was surprised at how similar it seemed to be to the early years of Wikipedia, and that vision of organizing people from all around the world to create shared knowledge resources is really what drives me forward. That’s the vision that inspires me. It has nothing to do with making money. There’s much more important things at stake here.”

Crypto Markets Plunge Below $300 Billion as Altcoins Bleed Out [blockmedia]

“Mentioned last couple days, I expect this current support to be tested, and here we are. Should this fail, then 10.3k and 9.8k are next regional supports. I have still got my eye on the 8.5k region gap on the chart, if we don’t hold 10k, do not be surprised if we fill it.”



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