Bitcoin 8/1/2019

8월 1일 비트코인

[굿모닝 비트코인] 0801 비트코인 등 암호화폐 상승세, 라이트코인 반감기 앞두고 ‘급등’ [blockmedia]

비트코인 반등세, 거래량 적어 단기에 그칠 가능성 … 월간 성적 1월 이후 처음 마이너스 [blockmedia]

코인데스크는 가격 브레이크아웃에 맞춰 거래량이 증가하지 않았기 때문에 비트코인은 고점이 낮아지는 약세 패턴이 형성된 1만235달러 저항선을 돌파하지 못할 수도 있다고 지적했다. 거래량이 적은 상태에서 이뤄진 브레이크아웃은 단기에 그치는 경우가 많다.

Bitcoin Holds Above $10,000 as U.S. Dollar Hits Two-Year High After Fed Rate Cut [hacked]

BTC/USD: Hourly chart. | Source: TradingView.

Bitcoin’s price narrowly held above $10,000 on Thursday after the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates for the first time in over a decade, setting the stage for a new era of ultra-loose monetary policy. Paradoxically, the U.S. dollar surged following the rate announcement, possibly over concern that the Fed isn’t quite as dovish as investors expected.

비트코인, 미 연준 금리인하에 1만 달러 회복…반등 신호? [blockinpress]

3세대 암호화폐 엘프(ELF)의 마하오보 엘프 창업자는 “미 연준 금리인하는 비트코인 가격에 단기적으로 제한적인 영향을 미칠 것”이며 “암호화폐 시장은 외부 요인에 좌우되지 않으며 금리가 내려간다고 해서 비트코인 구매 의사에 뚜렷한 영향력을 행사하지 않는다”고 설명했다.

Fed Cuts Interest Rate, Bitcoin (BTC) May Get a Boost [cryptovest]

The news of an interest rate decrease caused a spike in gold prices above $1,420. While gold is a much less volatile asset, it is seen as a proxy for BTC sentiment. For those who see BTC as sound money, a lowered interest rate is a sign that the central bank may allow inflation. Thus, a return to sound money would be the logical decision.

85% of Bitcoin’s Total Supply Has Been Mined [cryptoglobe]

As of August 1, bitcoin miners have released 17.85 million of the 21 million total BTC supply, which means that 85% of all bitcoin has already been mined. While most investors are focused on next May’s halving event, which will cut block rewards from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC, the actual supply of bitcoin is already nearing its relative maximum.


There’s a mixture of bearish and bullish indications from today’s analysis on Bitcoin. Whichever direction price action goes in comparison to the decision point range will provide is with further clarification as to which indications I’ve picked up from analysing Bitcoin will come to fruition.


Still, traders remain neutral on the short term trend of the dominant cryptocurrency. While sell pressure has declined, the lack of volume in the market presents room for another trend reversal.

Bitcoin Price (BTC/USD) Correcting Gains, Dips Remain Supported [newsbtc]

Bitcoin price climbed higher recently and broke the $10,000 resistance area against the US Dollar.
The price retested the $10,200 resistance area and it is currently correcting lower.
There was a break below a short term ascending channel with support near $10,020 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
The price is currently correcting lower, but dips remain supported near the $9,850 and $9,800 levels.

이토로 분석가 “비트코인 가격, 올해 최소 5만달러 될 것…리브라·기관 유입 주목” [coinreaders]

또, 피터스는 “이번 랠리의 흥미로운 점은 개인 투자자들에 의해 사상최고가를 기록했던 이전 랠리와 달리 새로운 자본이 기관으로부터 나오고 있고, 이는(개인투자자들이 최근의 비트코인 불런(황소장)에 아직 뛰어들지 않았다는 사실, 그리고 기관 유입이 늘어나고 있는 사실은) 장기적으로 암호화폐 시장에 좋은 징조이다”고 강조했다.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Pivotal at $10K – Gravitational Pull to $9,000 Lingers [coingape]

The up and down movement has seen Bitcoin price plunge from highs around $13,800 to July lows at $9,070. Trading below the moving averages has given the bears a lot of power against the bears. However, looking at the four-hour chart, Bitcoin has managed to stay in an uptrend supported by the ascending trendline.

Bitcoin Transaction Volume Reaches Historic Mark; Tx Fees to Charge Billionth Dollar [coinspace]

Adjusted transaction volume metric. Source:

Accordingly, over $6.3 billion of economically useful transactions were processed in a single day. More specifically, the last highest transaction volume was $5 billion in a single day. Despite the high transaction volume, the Bitcoin price bobbing around $9k – $10k.
Overall, the steadily growing activity in transaction volume indicates that more and more money circulates within the Bitcoin’s network thus recognizing the asset as a viable option for the store of wealth.

Bitcoin Back To Five Figures, But August Is Historically A Bad Month For Price [bitcoinexchangeguide]

Q3 has been expected to have a low performance, as per historical data. Now, if we take a look at the past Bitcoin performance in the month of August, six out of nine times, it has been a red month. 2011 was the worst August for the leading cryptocurrency, registering a loss of over 39%. The other five times, that is in 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018 BTC price was down 12 to 15 percent. Only 2012 (11.6%), 2013 (25.9%), and 2017 (67.2%) were the bullish August months of Bitcoin.

Crypto Trader Says Bitcoin Whale Manipulation in Overdrive As Flash Crashes Increase [dailyhodl]

“Taking a look at Bitcoin’s price chart over the past two weeks, it’s easy to get a sense of what is currently going on, as the chart is extremely choppy, showing multiple pump and dumps, dump and pumps, and flash crashes galore. This is total manipulation in the range between $9,000 and $11,000, and the whales are initiating and capitalizing on the short-term volatile price swings.”


[아무호기심방송] 페북코인 이름은 왜 리브라일까?? [blockpost]

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