Bitcoin 08/17/2019

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한 줄로 읽는 암호화폐 뉴스(Daily Crypto News, 08/18) []

[굿모닝 비트코인] 0817 백트, 다음 달 비트코인 선물 출시 확정, 홍콩 시위대 뱅크런 선언.. 비트코인 상승 힘입을까? []

Price Analysis 17/08: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, BNB, EOS, BSV, XMR, XLM []

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Fundstrat Global Advisors’ Tom Lee believes that Bitcoin (BTC) “is just resting,” and potentially could make a dash toward new highs by the end of 2019. Bitcoin’s uncorrelated nature to equities and bonds nature makes it an attractive bet for anyone who wants to hedge their portfolio. So, should traders buy the current dip or will prices fall further? Let’s analyze the charts.

Binance [BNB] – Crypto Exchange Binance Relaunches iOS App Following Month-Long Review []


The app relaunch comes at a time when Binance is planning to disable support for US users in its international platform and instead launch a new US-specific exchange dubbed Binance.US. In recent reports, the platform could launch as early as October this year according to CZ. This may cause an inconvenience considering that will become unavailable to the same users this coming month of September. Which means that US users could be out of luck as they await the Binance.US platform to launch.

Looming Negative Interest Rates in the US Spark Hope for Bitcoin and Bullion Prices []

When times get tough, the diversification of assets becomes the main objective. Since there are only risky options available in traditional finance, there is no reason not to explore other options. Bitcoin can see a hefty influx of new money in this regard. It is still one of the best-performing assets year-round, despite the recent crypto winter of 2018. In terms of potentially making money, Bitcoin seems to give better odds compared to stocks and bonds.

5 Reasons Why Bakkt’s Launch is BIG News for the Crypto Community []

After having made the crypto community wait for a year since ICE’s announcement of its plans to create the platform, Bakkt is finally set to launch in September, as per Bakkt’s medium blog.

Here are 5 reasons why Bakkt’s launch is such a big deal for the crypto community

Not Just Bitcoin – Bakkt Is Considering Additional Crypto Futures Contracts []

“Bitcoin today accounts for over half of total crypto market capitalization and has been deemed to be a commodity, and its derivatives are regulated in the US by the CFTC.

As the world’s most liquid and widely distributed cryptocurrency, and where we’ve seen the most customer demand, bitcoin’s profile creates a liquid product on which to build a futures contract.

We’ll consider additional contracts as the landscape evolves and as we receive additional customer feedback about what they want and need.”

Crypto Community Reacts to Bakkt But Not all Are Bullish []

When the news broke BTC price barely blipped. Markets have been choppy this week and two dips into four figures have been recovered but Bitcoin is still facing strong resistance where it currently trades. A move up to around $10,400 was all that it could muster and the king of crypto almost 12 percent on this time last Saturday.

The Bakkt news has not affected Bitcoin prices in the short term, and while many are of the opinion that it is overwhelmingly bullish, not all share that sentiment.

Bitcoin worth $180 million transferred between wallets in different transactions []

The market experienced a surge in the number of transactions occurring between unknown wallets, as Bitcoin maintained its position above the $10,000 mark. The king coin was priced $10,413.87 at press time with a jump of 3.30% over the 24-hour cycle. As the crypto-market joined the bullish ride, the transfer of crypto coins also surged in the market.

Whale Alert, one of the web’s major cryptocurrency transaction trackers, shared the news of the transfer of 7000 BTC between unknown wallets over its official Twitter handle,

“암호화폐 시세 조작해 고객 유혹”…2000억대 먹튀한 올스타빗 대표 구속

지난해 6월 A씨 등은 인천시 서구 청라국제도시에 해당 거래소를 포함해 총 3곳의 거래소를 세우고 고객 2만 6000여명을 대상으로 예치금 1778억원을 받아 가로챘다. 1900여명으로부터 암호화폐 사업 투자 목적으로 받은 투자금 580여억원을 빼돌린 혐의도 있다. 총 피해액은 2350억원 가량이다.

인천지방경찰청에 따르면 A씨 등은 비트코인과 이더리움 뿐 아니라 루시와 스케치 등 자체 개발 암호화폐도 거래했다. 경품을 내건 이벤트로 모객하고 예치금을 모으기 위해 암호화폐 시세와 거래량 등을 조작한 것으로 나타났다.

Binance Jersey’s Twitter and Website Was Hacked by Security Researcher; Will Collect Bug Bounty []


Binance is not having a good time with hackers lately. The company, which was allegedly hacked and lost some Know Your Customer (KYC) data recently, has just seen its Binance Jersey Twitter account be hacked as well.

An anonymous user known only as @LightningNetwo9 hacked the account claims to be a security researcher. According to him, his motives were not evil, he just wanted to expose how easy it was to take over the account and show that criminals could easily do the same in this situation.

According to him, it would be fairly easy for a skilled hacker to have made a successful attack and to use the profile for phishing scams.

Right now, Binance Jersey has regained control of the profile and deleted the tweets created by the hacker. You can see the deleted links below, originally saved by Coindesk.

[CU@DAXPO] 쑨예린(일레인 선) 후오비 CCO [blockmedia]

쑨예린(일레인 선) 후오비그룹 CCO

“블록체인 기술 혁신의 컴플라이언스 위기에 대한 인식이 이야기되는 상황에서, 리브라의 아이디어는 규제의 성숙도를 한층 진전시킬 것이다. 리브라를 효율적이고 효과적인 국제적 지불수단으로 사용하려면, 그것이 함의하는 컴플라이언스 리스크를 전면적으로 검토해야 한다. 자금세탁 방지(AML), 테러자금 지원 방지(CFT) 등을 위해선, 즉시 지불 서비스엔 즉각적으로 제재 문제가 검토되는 시스템이 필요하다. 이는 온체인 거래 활동을 모니터하는데 기술을 어떻게 활용할 것인지에 대한 이해와 지갑 주소를 포함한 최신판 감시 목록이 요구된다.”

83% of Coinbase Customers With Large XRP Holdings Are Still Buying Despite the Incessant Drops []

However, the XRP trade volume almost bisected between August 15 and 16 (from $2.1 to $1.1 billion), so tokens are not purchased in great amounts. Nevertheless, in December last year, these figures before the pump fell by about 25%. Thus, the probability of a reversal is remaining at the moment. However, a bearish trend line formed on the chart over three months and indicators indicate a further price reduction for XRP.

‘디지털 금’이라더니… 비트코인 가격은 왜 떨어졌을까 []

[ 고란의 어쩌다 투자 ] 다행이라고 해야 할까. 15일(이후 현지시간) 우리 시장은 광복절 휴일로 문을 닫았다. 전날(14일) 미국 주식시장이 폭락했다. 소위 ‘R의 공포’가 투자심리를 흔들었다. 다우지수가 800포인트, 3% 넘게 급락했다. 올 들어서 최대 낙폭이다. 그나마 15일 시장이 진정세를 찾은 덕에 이튿날(16일) 열린 우리 시장은 1% 안팎에서 낙폭을 방어하고 있다. 그런데 하루 24시간, 1년 356일 열리는 암호화폐 시장에 들어간 한국 투자자들은 15일 마음을 졸였다. 주식시장 붕괴와 함께 비트코인 1만 달러 선이 무너졌다. 잠깐만? 비트코인은 안전자산 아니던가. 금값은 시장불안에 더 올랐는데 디지털 금이라는 비트코인 가격은 되레 꺾였다. 비트코인에 무슨 일이 있었던 걸까.

Largest Dusting Attack in Litecoin History, Ponzi Scheme Causes Bitcoin Crash? | Cryptocurrency News []


부산에서 FATF와 리브라 이후 암호화폐 세상의 새 질서를 논의한다 [coindeskkorea]

코인데스크코리아와 부산광역시는 오는 9월3일 해운대 파크 하얏트 호텔에서 디지털 자산 거래소 박람회 ‘DAXPO 2019’를 연다. 각 분야 전문가들을 초청해 다양한 관점에서 디지털 자산 생태계가 맞이한 새로운 국면을 진단할 예정이다.

국내 첫 미디어 연합 블록체인 컨퍼런스 ‘KBW 2019’ 열린다 [blockpost]

블록체인 기술과 산업에 전문성을 인정받는 미디어 5사가 공동으로 아시아 최대 규모 블록체인 컨퍼런스 ‘코리아블록체인위크 2019(KBW 2019)’를 오는 9월 27일부터 10월 4일까지 개최한다.

국내 최대 블록체인 행사 ‘디파인’ 열린다…디센터 등 5개 미디어 주관 [decenter]

9월30일부터 10월1일 양일간 그랜드 인터컨티넨탈 서울 퍄르나스에서 팩트블록의 ‘코리아블록체인위크(KBW) 2019’ 주간(9월27일~10월4일) 중 메인 행사로 열리는 디파인 컨퍼런스에는 국내외 주요 기업들과 블록체인 프로젝트들이 대거 참여할 예정이다.

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