Altcoin 08/20/2019

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Crypto Market & Bitcoin Remain Supported: BCH, Litecoin, ADA, TRX Analysis []

The total crypto market cap failed to surpass the key $280.0 resistance area.
Bitcoin price started a downside correction and traded below the $10,800 support.
Litecoin (LTC) price is struggling to correct higher and is testing the $75.00 support.
BCH price is currently correcting lower and it might test the $305 support area.
Tron (TRX) price is extending losses and it remains in a strong downtrend below $0.0185.
Cardano (ADA) price broke the key $0.0500 support level to extend its slide.

개장 3개월만 문닫은 프릭스빗…신규 코인거래소 줄줄이 폐업 이유는 []

지난 5월 공식 출범한 프릭스빗은 기존 채굴형 거래소의 단점을 보완한 인센티브 마이닝 거래소를 표방해 눈길을 끌었다. 거래를 통해 발생하는 수수료를 거래소 토큰으로 보상하는 타채굴형 거래소와 달리 자체 토큰 외에도 비트코인이나 이더리움과 같은 암호화폐를 얻을 수 있는 구조인 점을 내세웠다.

하지만 암호화폐거래소 경쟁이 치열해지며 신규 사용자를 적극 유치하지 못한데다가 출범 초기 비용 부담이 경영난을 불러온 것으로 풀이되고 있다.

Crypto Markets Walk Back Some of Their Gains as Altcoins Continue to Languish []

Cryptocurrency market sheds roughly $6 billion from recent high. | Source: CoinMarketCap.

Cryptocurrency prices pivoted lower in early Asian trading Wednesday, as altcoins and tokens continued to bleed market share relative to bitcoin following news that Bakkt will debut its futures platform next month.


“While BofA’s multi-layer wallet patent application is very interesting on its own, the real value will potentially be unlocked if this is a signal that BofA is turning its mind to becoming a player in the ‘picks and shovels’ layer of the blockchain industry.”

Facebook-owned WhatsApp Looks to Launch Digital Payments in Indonesia []

WhatsApp’s plan for Indonesia is to support payments through digital wallets in the region, according to Reuters’ sources. The report further speculates that Facebook’s dealings in Indonesia could become a template that they later use to dodge local regulations, pertaining to bans on foreign digital wallets.

Huobi Wallet Adds Support for Decentralized Finance Apps MakerDAO and Compound []

Huobi Wallet will now be supporting all decentralized applications and tokens associated with these projects, which are mainly focused on the Ethereum blockchain.
The document notes the Maker project is comprised of a decentralized stablecoin – Dai – collateral loans, and community governance. Huobi’s multi-currency wallet supports the stablecoin, as well as its MKR token and CDP Portal which lets users take collateralized debt positions.

ICO Ratings Initial Coin Offering Ranking Service Receives Cease and Desist Letter From The SEC []

According to the SEC, ICO Ratings has violated the Securities Act. The company is being accused of describing securities to get a certain direct or indirect compensation from the group that issues the investment.
This happened because the company charged fees in order to create the reports of the investments. As some of the tokens listed on the platform were considered securities, the company broke the law. The illegal reports were also widely published on social media, which is also against the norms.

Crypto Industry to Hit Another Milestone with its First SEC-Registered Security Token Offering []

On Monday, as per a draft sent to the SEC, INX had proposed to issue security tokens in a planned IPO through which it planned to raise funds through the sale of 130,000,000 INX tokens which are ERC-20 based. INX token holders will also be entitled to 40% of the company’s overall cash flow from operating activities, but not as equity holders. The exchange noted in the draft that the minimum offering requirement is $5,000,000.

Cryptocurrency Custody Giants Battle For Lions Share of Institutional Market []

The acquisition of Xapo by Coinbase has effectively created the largest digital asset custodian in the world, with nearly $8 billion in assets managed. But this has only intensified the competition as custodial stalwart BitGo has announced they will be offering Xapo customers one year of free service with a dedicated account manager and up to $100 million in insurance. A report by Fortune, August 19, 2019, detailed the ongoing client battle between custodial services.

Japan’s Largest Gift Card Exchange Expanding Internationally With Blockchain Firm []

Amaten, a secondary marketplace for gift cards, announced a partnership with the Singapore-based cloud computing startup Aelf, according to a statement published August 20. The exchange plans to scale its operations internationally using Aelf’s enterprise-oriented blockchain platform.

Founded in 2012, Amaten has grown to capture 40 percent of Japan’s gift card exchange volume and takes in approximately $110 million in revenue annually. On a global scale, the gift card industry has ballooned into a $340 billion market.

Charlie Lee Updates The Community About MimbleWimble Progress On Litecoin []

MimbleWimble seems to be on its path to being implemented on the Litecoin network. According to Charlie Lee, the main developer of Grin++, David Burkett is currently working with “E”, a crypto developer who is also working at Alto Financial on the marketing and partnership sectors.

Lee informed the community that they are working on how to get Litecoin in and out of MimbleWimble and Extension Blocks. In addition to it, he explained that they figured out how to handle MW fees in a clean way.

Rising Demand for Gold, Hard Assets and ‘Psycho Currencies’ Like Bitcoin: Report []

Mobius, the founder of Mobius Capital Partners and former chairman at Templeton Emerging Markets Group, notes that gold’s long-term prospect is strong, reports BNN Bloomberg.
“You have all these currencies, new currencies coming into play. I call them ‘psycho currencies,’ because it’s a matter of faith whether you believe in Bitcoin or any of the other cyber-currencies. I think with the rise of that, there’s going to be a demand for real, hard assets, and that includes gold.”


부산에서 FATF와 리브라 이후 암호화폐 세상의 새 질서를 논의한다 [coindeskkorea]

코인데스크코리아와 부산광역시는 오는 9월3일 해운대 파크 하얏트 호텔에서 디지털 자산 거래소 박람회 ‘DAXPO2019’를 연다. 각 분야 전문가들을 초청해 다양한 관점에서 디지털 자산 생태계가 맞이한 새로운 국면을 진단할 예정이다.

국내 첫 미디어 연합 블록체인 컨퍼런스 ‘KBW 2019’ 열린다 [blockpost]

블록체인 기술과 산업에 전문성을 인정받는 미디어 5사가 공동으로 아시아 최대 규모 블록체인 컨퍼런스 ‘코리아블록체인위크 2019(KBW2019)’를 오는 9월 27일부터 10월 4일까지 개최한다.

국내 최대 블록체인 행사 ‘디파인’ 열린다…디센터 등 5개 미디어 주관 [decenter]

9월30일부터 10월1일 양일간 그랜드 인터컨티넨탈 서울 퍄르나스에서 팩트블록의 ‘코리아블록체인위크(KBW) 2019’ 주간(9월27일~10월4일) 중 메인 행사로 열리는 디파인 컨퍼런스에는 국내외 주요 기업들과 블록체인 프로젝트들이 대거 참여할 예정이다.

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