[CES 2020] Meet the future of vehicles & mobility technology by CEA

CEA, THE renowned French scientific research organisation for energy, mobility, information and communication technologies, will be exhibiting 6 top notch and advanced technologies and 4 startups in Las Vegas at CES 2020 and at CES Unveiled. This year’s guideline? MOBILITY. As you’re interested in vehicles technology and smart cities, I’d recommend reading the presentations below 🙂

annonce présence CEA.jpg

CEA will demonstrate its strengths for innovation with demos over tomorrow’s transportation technologies:

1. AI vs Wild – A CEA technology that protects AI systems and neural networks from security threats and attacks. By using computer vision and speech recognition, they will show you how this technology can guarantee autonomous cars’ cyber security and safety. AI vs Wild will be present at the thirty-third Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems which runs from December 8th to December 14th, 2019 in Vancouver.


2. DeepRed – CEA develops software analysers, powered by advanced reasoning, that carry out groundbreaking cybersecurity verifications over both source and binary codes. They help software developers and integrators deliver bulletproof systems, and establish trust in the complex ICT supply chains of tomorrow’s mobility solutions.


3. Kiwee – CEA offers a car sharing system bringing compact electric vehicles to users either at dedicated pickup points or on a free floating basis. Vehicles can be stacked like shopping carts, the entire train being charged from a single charging point. Kiwee is ideal for users in downtown and suburban areas seeking a non-polluting “first mile/last mile” solution for their public transportation or carpooling journeys.


4. Lifi-Multicell – The world’s first smart & interference-free Li-Fi manager, developed by CEA, is a great alternative to Wi-Fi, being the first-ever multi-cell solution with centralized management of conflicts between lighting zones. Tomorrow, it will ensure optimal data transmission speeds and management of user mobility within a network of light fixtures.


5. Maxens – A CEA technology that maximizes haptic sensations. It is a new generation multifunctional haptic controller that can be used as a driver/operator assistance system in a variety of vehicles (trains, boats, airplanes, helicopters, tractors, etc.) or used in control rooms for monitoring future urban air mobility.


6. Lensfree – Protected by 25 patents, the CEA-developed lensless imaging technology enables an extra-wide field of view, robust performance, and a compact footprint for much less money than an optical microscope, bringing healthcare professionals point-of-care tests that previously had to be sent to a lab. Soon, this technology will allow patients to get results and treatments much faster.


CEA will also be bringing 4 startups coming from its own R&D department, that will play a key role in the development of new industries:

1. Anteneo – The CEA startup project will introduce at CES the first full-metal dual-band GNSS antenna for automotive applications. With its unique technology, Anteneo eases the antenna integration, which is the most critical challenge for a mass adoption of high-accuracy GNSS.


2. Isorg – The startup’s OPD technology and innovative thin optical filter design offer a breakthrough in terms of increasing security, by enabling multiple finger authentication to deliver more fingerprint data for each user ID. This technology is ideal for mobility applications that require authentication with a high degree of security, like smartphones and mobile police scanners, automotive systems, ID check for electric bike or scooter solutions, among others.


3. Nawa Technologies – A CEA startup that offers Nawacap cells, a lithium-free, ecological booster & harvester. As well as greatly improving the overall life of the system and its ability to recover energy, this ‘hybrid’ battery has the potential to be lighter and more compact, strongly improving range and efficiency.

4. Wise Integration – Will introduce the EnergySave 100 – a faster, more compact, environment-friendly 100W universal charger (USB C power delivery). This pocket sized USB charger is compact enough to go anywhere, even overseas (no international plug adapter required), helping reduce the amount of electronic waste and lower energy spending worldwide.


Engineers and CEA spokespersons will be at Eureka Park – Sands Expo – booth #50463 to welcome you, show you all these demo and answer all of your questions!

by Maïwenn REGNAULT | Directrice de clientèle – Account Director

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