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[MARKETS DAILY] Bullish Bitcoin Dreams and a 2019 to Remember [Updated Dec 19, 2019 at 20:57 UTC] []

Is PlusToken Scam About to Dump ETH? $105M Moves to Unknown Wallet []

PlusToken, which hit a high of near $350 before crashing, has earned the infamous title of being one of the world’s biggest ponzi schemes. While still operational, its Chinese operators received an estimated $3 billion in Bitcoin (BTC) and ETH from unwitting investors purchasing PlusToken coins.

Bitcoin Price in 2020: Bloomberg Analyst Predicts That $10,000 Is More Likely Than $5,000 []

With 2020 just around the corner, the million-dollar question for the crypto community is how Bitcoin is going to perform next year.
The reality is that nobody really knows, but Bloomberg’s strategist Mike McGlone recently added his two cents by saying that the leading cryptocurrency is more likely to trade at $10,000 than $5,000 in 2020.

Bitcoin Price Reaches Fair Market Valuation, While Costs of Production Rise []

Bitcoin price may be dropping deeper into a downtrend over the course of the last few months, but the first-ever cryptocurrency is actually much closer now to fair market value than it has been throughout the year.
However, as Bitcoin price falls toward fair valuations, the cost of production rises exponentially, and may be part of the cause of the downtrend itself.

Bitcoin continues to dominate daily active addresses, transfer amount metrics []

Source: LongHash

2019 has been a wild ride for the cryptocurrency industry. After going below $6.5k, Bitcoin underwent an aggressive rally on 18 December and surged over $7k, with the king coin continuing to exhibit high volatility. According to a recent report by LongHash, the intra-month volatility of cryptocurrencies and crude oil was found to be much greater than the rest.

Cryptocurrency Market Breakdown is Unstoppable, Bitcoin to Touch $5,500 []

The entire digital asset market update earlier yesterday [Wednesday December 18, 2019] reckoned the $20 billion erased from the market in not more than two days. The damages are, as a matter of fact, an extension of the selloff, which happened on December 16. Before the losses, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies faced prevalent rally over the past weekend. For instance, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) were trading above $7,200 ($131.581 bln), $144 ($15.786 bln) and $0.217 ($9.539 bln) respectively. Yesterday’s High / Low for BTC was at $7,324.98 USD /$6,540.05 USD resp.

Bitcoin (BTC) Stopped by EOS Bulls, Gains versus Ethereum (ETH), TRX in the Top 20 []

For all the FUD being thrown around, Bitcoin has not only diffused expectation of an altcoin season but sets the tone for what has been repeatedly said over time. Bitcoin has evolved to be a reliable store of value, less of a medium of exchange or “electronic money” as previously designed by the elusive and anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin bulls are buoyed and baying for blood after bleeding for the better half of the year.

Dow Smashes Records While Stock Market Ignores Trump Impeachment []

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Dow Jones, Dow 30, Stock Market, Donald Trump Stephen Mnuchin.
The Dow Jones hit a record high on Thursday as impeachment concerns faded and trade war risks fell. | Source: Yahoo Finance

Coin Floor – a cryptocurrency exchange licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom – has announced that it will be turning its back on Ethereum – the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the number one competitor to bitcoin – and removing it from its present list of available (and tradeable) cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin Magazine Holiday Shopping List, for the Bitcoiner in Your Life []

It’s December, and y’all know what that means. It’s a time for reflection, family and holiday cheer. A season of giving and forgiving, of stuffing yourself with holiday treats and comfort food, of uncomfortable conversations with your family members over celebratory dinners.
Maybe that uncomfortable conversation comes in the form of a political squabble, or your Uncle Jim who just won’t STFU about the reptilian people (seriously, Jim, you have to stop). Or maybe that uncomfortable conversation comes from your cousin who believes XRP is the future, or that other cousin who took out a second mortgage to buy bitcoin at $19,000.

Crypto Experts Give Their Top Predictions for 2020 []

In an industry built around digital scarcity, opinions are in plentiful supply. Everyone’s got one, and they’d love to share it with the rest of the cryptosphere. As the decade draws to a close and another prepares to launch, it’s the perfect time to consider what 2020 has in store. Here’s what thought leaders, professionals, and investors have to say about the trends that will define the coming year – starting with the predicted price of BTC.

Bitcoin Targeting $250K in Less Than a Year, Says Billionaire Tycoon – BTC, ETH, XRP Forecasts []

In a new interview with BlockTV, Draper says his long-term price target could happen as early as November of next year – just six months after Bitcoin’s next halving.
“If you run a technical analysis, it looks like it’ll be something like six months to a year after the halving that we will cross $250,000 per Bitcoin…
I can’t wait, because I’m so frustrated with with the banks just taking 2.5% to 4% every time I swipe my credit card. I’m ready for this new currency that’s frictionless and open and transparent.”
Draper, a longtime Bitcoin bull and early investor, says his worst-case scenario has BTC hitting $250K in early 2023.

Libra’s second roadmap outlines its final push toward mainnet launch []

The Libra Association has published its second roadmap for Libra Core, the key software that underpins the planned Libra network.
Built on open-source software, Libra’s permissioned blockchain aims to allow developers, companies and consumers to build their own projects through the system.’s New GBP Gateway Creates a Crypto-Hedge Against Brexit Uncertainty []

Announced Thursday in a press release, the addition will utilize Britain’s Faster Payments Service (FPS) to let’s U.K.-based users buy cryptocurrencies almost instantly.
The company framed its dual announcement as a bet on Britain at a tenuous time. With Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent landslide victory all but ensuring Brexit by Jan. 31, the nation is streaming towards an uncertain future.

Central Bank Digital Currencies Won’t Challenge Cryptocurrency []

The noticeable uptick in media attention toward Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) ⁠— especially after Zuckerberg’s testimony on Libra before Congress, and Christine Lagarde’s acknowledgment of the “clear demand” for stablecoins at her first press conference as head of the ECB ⁠— seems to have somewhat distorted the public’s perception of the state of play and left many in the crypto community thinking that CBDCs are just around the corner.

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