[CES 2020] Family Tech Summit at CES 2020 Features NEW Robots & Speakers who are Shaping the World of Tech Fluid Kids and Families

Produced by Living in Digital Times in partnership with CTA, Family Tech Summit 2020 is one of the most anticipated conferences and exhibit spaces of CES Las Vegas with a day-long summit and 4-day marketplace showcasing the latest and most cutting-edge products, speakers, innovators, and topics surrounding family and children. With a full day of industry lead sessions, nearly 50 speakers, curated networking opportunities, and 4-days of 20,000 sq. feet of space dedicated to the leading family and kids’ tech products, advancements, and displays, the 2020 Kids@Play and FamilyTech Summit is certain to be the most captivating year yet.

During the iconic Kids@Play and Family Tech Summit thought leaders and industry experts will gather together in one place to look at the modern family’s adoption of technology for learning and playing. Attendees will be one of the first to experience the latest gadgets in the ‘Kids Market’ including robots, STEM, AR, and XR, and join in on interviews with parenting experts including the Wall Street Journal
parenting columnist, and even learn about the new face of ToysRUs and how it can help
high tech toy creators.

The Kids@Play and FamilyTech team are welcoming many speakers and panelists to CES 2020 who are key players in formulating the industry’s tremendous strides in toys and family-focused technology. Many stand-out sessions are planned for the day-long summit including a panel with CEO of Beijing KEYi TECH: David Di Bene, CMO, Toys “R” Us USA Stores, Jianbo Yang, CEO of PlayShifu: Vivek Goyal, and Innovation Projects Manager of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment: Jerome Dureau, who will discuss the mixing of realities: XR, AR, VR and AI with kids and families. Other presenters set to speak at Family Tech Summit 2020 include Valerie Vacante of Collabsco / TechUp, Julie Jargon from The Wall Street Journal, Leena Elisa from Avast, Monica Chin with Business Insider, CEO & Founder of Kinzoo: Sean Herman, and Sten Kirkbak from XPLORA Technologies Limited, to name a few.

In addition to talented speakers, prominent brands and companies will demo their latest innovations and debut new products in the marketplace. The iconic Hamelin notebooks, known for allowing notetakers to scan, save, share, organize, and access their notes at any time, from any place, via the cloud, is set to launch a new product that also bridges the analog and digital worlds at CES 2020. Making robots emotional friends, Beijing KEYi Tech Ltd.Co. will debut a robot called ClicBot that takes old-school building blocks to the next level, by offering smart modules that allow kids to create cute robot buddies in an instant. Blending reality with digital for an enhanced play experience with “Mirror Play ™ Experience”, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment will demo their newest learning game: tori™; and XPLORA will demo their latest smartwatch – which allows parents to stay connected while keeping the kids safe with voices calls, GPS, safe zones, and more. Media partners TechUP and Romper will showcase the voices of tomorrow from parents to kids with their publications and activations.

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