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Vivid-Pix ( launched a “Your City – Your Story” 11 city U.S. tour to showcase its patented Vivid-Pix RESTORE AI photo and document restoration software that automatically restores treasured memories with just one-click. The Vivid-Pix journey includes the largest family history event in the world, RootsTech, held Feb. 26-29 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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The Vivid-Pix tour includes events throughout the U.S. at genealogical society conferences, libraries, and other points of interest to educate attendees on how to create and share family stories and illustrate the power of Vivid-Pix RESTORE. Vivid-Pix tour dates are listed below.

Follow the tour at:

Crosses U.S. to Showcase Patented AI Photo & Document Restoration Software and Education Programs for Family Historians, Genealogists, & Hobbyists

RESTORE, the one-stop solution for family historians, genealogists, hobbyists and others, automatically corrects old, faded sepia, black and white, and color photographs.  Not limited to just photographs alone, RESTORE’s patented artificial intelligence also improves documents, and provides image organization, editing, and searchable IPTC and EXIF compliant metadata tagging. The U.S. Patent Office has awarded a patent to Vivid-Pix for its imaging processing techniques used to automatically correct faded images.

Vivid-Pix at RootsTech 10th Anniversary Conference – Attendees can “Create & Share Your Story” by Recording Videos that Document Stories for Future Generations

At RootsTech 2020, Vivid-Pix will be exhibiting at Booth #533 and providing the opportunity for attendees to create a free “Share Your Story” video to document their history for future generations. Videos will be created by Vivid-Pix and posted on the Vivid-Pix website and on a dedicated YouTube page for viewing.



“Genealogy is the second most popular hobby in the U.S. (second to gardening). A Vivid-Pix restored picture says a thousand words and brings back memories of the past,” said Rick Voight, CEO, Vivid-Pix. Rick Voight will be speaking at the RootsTech conference on February 27 at 1:40 PM at the RootsTech Demo Theater.

Vivid-Pix 27 City Tour 2020
The Vivid-Pix Tour Crosses the U.S.

The Vivid-Pix “Your City – Your Story” tour includes stops at:

  • February 17: Muskogee, OK – Muskogee Genealogical Society, Three Rivers Museum, 6:30 PM
  • February 26-29: Salt Lake City, UT – RootsTech – presenting in Demo Theater, Feb. 27, 1:40 PM
  • March 9: Phoenix, AZ – West Valley Genealogical Society
  • March 25: The Villages, FL – The Villages Genealogical Society – presenting in Demo Theater
  • April 6: Leesburg, FL – Lake County Genealogical Society – Leesburg Public Library, 6:30 PM
  • April 26: Fort Wayne, IN – Allen County Public Library – Main Downtown Library, 2:30 PM
  • April 29-May 2: Sandusky, OH – Ohio Genealogical Society – presenting in Demo Theater
  • May 20-23: Salt Lake City, UT – National Genealogical Society
  • June 5-7: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – Ontario Genealogical Society – presenting in Demo Theater
  • June 25-30: Chicago, IL – American Library Association Annual
  • Sept 2-5: Federation of Genealogical Societies – Kansas City, MO

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