CES 2020 Series 3; Mobility – Noth Hall

CES North Hall은 남자들의 로망이 있다. 그래서 늘 붐빈다. 입구에서부터 파이오니어 사운드가 웅장한 울림으로 반겨준다. 그리고 눈을 들어 양 옆을 보면 자동차들이 도열해있다. 가질 수는 없지만 '언젠가는 한번' 도로를 거칠게 달려보고 싶은 '꿈'들이 홀을 가득 채우고 있다. 이처럼 노스홀은 무인 또는 자율주행 자동차로 대표된다. 자동차와 연결되는 다양한 기업들이 자리를 차지하고 있다. 참가 기업들마다 자동차 한... Continue Reading →

CES 2020 Series 2; Tech Now – As Usual, Central Hall

CES에서 지금, 현재의 기술을 만날 수 있는 곳은 센트럴홀이다. 삼성, LG, 소니, 파나소닉, 화웨이 등 글로벌 가전회사들의 대형 부스가 이어진다. 대기업들은 기술은 물론 부스 디자인부터 디테일까지 자존심을 건 한판 승부를 보인다. 지금, 그리고 가까운 미래에 선보일 제품들을 꺼내놓는다. 그래서 테크 나우(Tech Now)라 불러본다. 당연히 센트럴홀은 CES의 화려함을 맡는다. 삼성(Samsung)과 LG는 중심에 서 있다. 특히 최근... Continue Reading →

CES 2020 Series 1; 아쉬움 그러나 序幕

2020 CES가 막을 내렸다. 매년 1월 첫째 주 Sin City, Las Vegas에서 열리는 전 세계의 얼리어답터, 테크인들이 찾는 대형 이벤트, CES. https://youtu.be/cxnrScaYaQQ 이번 CES는 특별했다. 매번 사비를 털어, 휴가를 내 찾던 곳이었지만 올해는 전문가로서 한국의 손님들을 맞았다. 매일경제 CES 참관단의 테크 가이드로 CES를 둘러보았다. 60명 가량의 각계 각층의 사람들을 인솔하며 CES 부스를 함께 둘러보고 테크... Continue Reading →

[CES 2020] Family Tech Summit at CES 2020 Features NEW Robots & Speakers who are Shaping the World of Tech Fluid Kids and Families

Produced by Living in Digital Times in partnership with CTA, Family Tech Summit 2020 is one of the most anticipated conferences and exhibit spaces of CES Las Vegas with a day-long summit and 4-day marketplace showcasing the latest and most cutting-edge products, speakers, innovators, and topics surrounding family and children. With a full day of industry... Continue Reading →

[CES 2020] Taiwan Excellence “Smart Tech, Smart Future”

"Smart Tech, Smart Future" breakthroughs coming from Taiwan’s most innovative, Taiwan Excellence CyberLink: FaceMe®, top facial recognition engine that enables innovative applications spanning authentication, access control, safety, security, and visitor analytics. Mindtronic: A digital cockpit designed for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that shows new levels of user experience and interaction with AI functionality. Ultracker: The... Continue Reading →

[CES 2020] UPS-backed Ware2Go

Ware2Go, a UPS Company and on-demand fulfillment network designed to help merchants enhance their delivery experiences, will be attending CES in January. Ware2Go has recently announced a collaboration with Fundera, the leading online marketplace for small business financial solutions to help SMBs become more competitive. This collaboration will look to provide the following for SMBs: One- to... Continue Reading →

[CES 2020] Honda’s Vision of the Future Integrates CASE Technologies into New Products and Services

Demonstrating new technologies and partnerships aimed at "expanding life's potential through mobility," Honda's exhibit at CES 2020 will feature global debuts of concepts that integrate connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) technologies into new mobility products and services. The exhibit will also showcase Honda Xcelerator's Industrial Innovation Pavilion and highlight the company's continued evolution of... Continue Reading →

[CES 2020] Pria by BLACK+DECKER™ has been named a CES® Innovation Awards Honoree

Pria, an automated medication management and home health care assistant device, launched this fall and is the first consumer healthcare product from STANLEY Healthcare, which provides innovative solutions and technology for safer, more secure, and more efficient care in the home. Pria by BLACK+DECKER empowers loved ones who desire to maintain independence while staying connected... Continue Reading →

[CES 2020] LG TVs First To Exceed Official Industry Definition For 8K Ultra HD TVs

LG Electronics (LG) announced that its TVs are the first in the world to exceed the strict requirements established by the Consumer Technology Association to define the new generation of 8K Ultra HD products and services, delivering four times more detail than 4K TVs and 16 times more than HDTVs. The official industry 8K Ultra HD designation and logo were developed by the... Continue Reading →

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